Practice Management

1. Referral Processing

We will work with your clinic to process your incoming referrals and communicate what is needed to schedule your patients.

2. Benefits and Eligibility Checks

We confirm that the patients’ insurance plan is effective for the dates of treatment, verify authorization requirements, deductible, copay and coinsurance so that both you and your patients have a clear picture of their financial responsibility.

3. Authorization Submissions and Follow-up

Managing authorizations can take considerable time away from patient care. We will submit and manage authorizations so that no visit is denied due to a lack of authorization.

4. Office and Support Team Consulting

A practice that stands out from the competition is comprised of an exceptional support that is confident, knowledgeable and delivers excellent customer service. Ongoing training gives your team the opportunity to learn and grow in their skills. Engaged team members are key elements to the success of the practice’s growth and play an important role in creating excellence.