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Why Work with Us?

ABC will help develop and execute a personal strategy for your clinic to optimize your revenue cycle. Our Strategies for Therapeutic practices have been successfully proven for any size clinic. Let’s Grow and Develop your clinic together!

Bottom Line…
Results Speak Louder Than Words

On average our clients saw a 10% increase in their net collections, a 13% increase in clean claims and 12% decrease in outstanding claims over 90 days.

Let us manage your revenue cycle while you focus your attention and energy on your practice and financial growth.

ABC will…

  • Streamline your medical billing processes to optimize accounts receivable and insure you are paid 100% of what you are owed.
  • Provide key performance indicators and data analysis so that you can make informed decisions on practice growth.
  • Work within your current EMR system always giving you 100% access to your billing information.

So that…

  • You are secure in the knowledge that no money is being left on the table.
  • You may enjoy greater peace and satisfaction knowing the decisions you are making are based on current data and proven strategies.
  • You will have full transparency of our billing process allowing greater communication with team members and patients.

Services Overview

Revenue Cycle Management

Your revenue cycle can be a clinics primary source of loss if not managed correctly. However with proven strategies and attention to detail and trends it will be your strongest foundation for growth.


Data Analytics

Practice Management


What our clients say about us


What our clients say about us

Meet The Team

Kathie Griffin

Co-owner and Master of
Practice Management

Advice to Former Self

Do not be afraid to fail.  We learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.  Growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

If Time and Money were not a factor

I would travel with my family- husband, kids, and grandkids- seeing all the magic and beauty that our earth has to offer!

When I have Nothing Else to do

Sink deep into a comfy chair and read.  There is so much adventure and knowledge to be found in books!

Favorite Food

Mexican food is my thing!  Rice, beans and tortillas…what more do you need?


Warm sandy beach, waves, and a boogie board!

Kristina Orvis

Co-owner and
Billing Guru

If Time and Money were not a factor

I would visit all my family and get to know they ones I have grown apart from. This world moves to fast and we miss it chasing things that we think matter.


Favorite movie is either a comedy or romantic. Love Robin Hood Men in Tights or Pride and prejudice.

Secret Hobby

Is eating a Secret hobby? I could eat soooo much but must stop myself.

Favorite outdoor thing to do

Love being outdoors, the fresh air is all I need. I love to Paddle board, go hiking and fishing.


Our most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change my EMR system?

We work within your current system so there is no downtime and you always have complete access . This allows you to see data in real time regarding the financial health of your practice.

Who do patients contact regarding billing matters?

We will handle all billing questions either from patients or other clinic team members

What is the cost of your service?

We charge a flat percentage rate of all collections and offer additional services at a flat rate according to your needs.

What if I do not have an EMR system or am unhappy with my current system?

We have experience with many of the leading EMR systems including WebPT, Heno, Theraoffice, Hello Note, and Athenahealth. We can provide counsel on which EMR systems will meet your clinical and financial needs.

Are there long term contracts?

NO long-term contracts. All services operate on a month-to-month agreement.